Colour Science for the Digital Film and Television Industries


Colour science within the broadcast, post-production and moving-picture industries has often been misunderstood and wrongly implemented. This has led to incorrect assumptions and procedures along with a feeling that the whole subject is a ‘dark art’.

With the increasing number and complexity of the colour standards we work within, this course is designed to present a clear description of the subject from first principles. We examine the colour models used and how they relate to the various colour standards together with best working practices.


  • The Human Visual System
  • Colour Descriptions
  • Colorspaces (Additive, Subtractive, Absolute,  XYZ,  xyY,  ICtCp)
  • Colour Temperature
  • Colour Gamuts (HD Video – Rec.709, UHD Video – Rec.2020, Digital Film – P3)
  • Image mapping between colour gamuts and the effect of viewing images with incorrect gamuts
  • Illuminants, spectral power distribution & metamerism
  • Data Spaces (Video gamma encoded, Logarithmic, Linear)
  • Academy Colour Encoding Space (ACES)
  • Colour Management

“Martin has been delivering excellent,  tailored colour classes to the NFTS Digital FX colourists and VFX students for several years. He has the rare ability to make the complex understandable.”

John Rowe, Head of Digital FX
National Film and Television School