Digital Camera Workflows

The introduction of new digital motion picture cameras has introduced fresh ways to capture and monitor the image as well as the challenges of data wrangling and security back-ups.

Then there is the post-production workflow to consider. What is meant by log (S-log, Panalog, RED log, ARRI log, Canon log, logC etc.) and what is a RAW format? What does all this mean for the final displayed image?

I have assisted many companies and organisations in reaching the highest quality result with digital cameras and post-production, including the British Society of Cinematographers with their latest Film and Digital Image Evaluation.

Sue Gibson, President of the British Society of Cinematographers wrote:

” The BSC would like to thank Martin Parsons of Image Eyes for his help and advice on the BSC Film and Digital Image Evaluation.
His knowledge of digital post production and the anomalies between the various formats has been invaluable to us and I am delighted he has joined the BSC Technical Committee.
I always know I can call on Martin to explain any post production or digital issues, and give advice on the best way to tackle problems as they arise. “

Sue Gibson BSC
British Society of Cinematographers