Colour Management

Any facility that takes their product seriously will have a strategy to ensure their images are displayed at their best. This is after all the product they are selling.
Whether your images are from camera negative, print film, digital movie cameras, HD video cameras, stills cameras or the internet it is important to display them accurately for colour grading and VFX work.
No matter if the images are on videotape, or exist as files, whether they are in ITU Rec. 709 colourspace, DCI P3 colourspace, log or RAW – and whether they will be displayed on high-end Digital Cinema projectors, plasma, LCD and OLED flatscreen monitors, or even the internet, mobile phone or iPod – colour management will quickly give you an accurate way to show your images prior to final delivery.
My work with colour management has been at the highest level in London’s post-production industry.
I work with film digital intermediate, commercials colour grading, film and commercials visual effects and editing systems to maintain an accurate representation of the image from on-set capture, through post and onto delivery and final display.
This is achieved through a carefully designed colour pipeline and accurately calibrated display devices along with precise colour management LUTs.
Here are comments from a couple of recent projects:
Digital Intermediate and Commercials Colour Management
” Companies often overlook the importance of accurate image and colour calibration and it is not until the client complains that many facilities will take note – which is often too late as the seed of doubt has been sown.
I’ve worked with Martin for over eight years, and recognise him to be one of the leading people in his field.
There is no one I’d trust more to help get our calibration accurate here at The Look “
Thomas Urbye
Managing Director
The Look
Motion Picture Film VFX Colour Management
“As a small VFX company we understand that we have to stand out in every aspect to ensure that we’re noticed. Making our images look perfect is the most obvious thing to get right but is not at all straightforward in practice. Martin Parsons of Image Eyes was invaluable in helping us decide on our colour management and display technologies. With his expertise we know that we are delivering images of the same quality and accuracy as any of the big post facilities. He brings a level of experience that means our clients have no questions about any aspect of our colour pipeline, and that is invaluable.”
Uel Horman